A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A world of humans, animals, and creatures

But these monstrosities have become more active destroying towns and villages everywhere. Something must be done, before all the lands succumb to chaos.

Will your party be able to guide themselves through these tough times?

Begin your adventure in Bracklewhyte and fend of these monsters, maybe you will even find out what made them become active

How to play: left mouse button

Submission for the "I can't draw but want to make a game(again)" jam

Overscoped and had to scrap a bunch of stuff to make it in time

stuff like: boss battle, more sounds, narrator, dungeon rooms, interactable map, more art, various battle features etc etc

music: https://mikey0929music.itch.io/ 

assets download: https://twofist.itch.io/bracklewhyte-sprites


Bracklewhyte-windows.zip 45 MB
Bracklewhyte-linux.zip 46 MB

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